• Yusnita Octafilia Business Faculty, Institut Bisnis dan Teknologi Pelita Indonesia, Pekanbaru, Indonesia
  • Amirudin M. Amin Business Faculty, Institut Bisnis dan Teknologi Pelita Indonesia, Pekanbaru, Indonesia


This study aims to analyze marketing strategies which include promotion, location, people, process, and physical evidence of direct or indirect purchases at The Premiere Hotel Pekanbaru. This study uses a quantitative descriptive method, which is a method that explains and describes the research results obtained from the results of an associative questionnaire with the aim of showing the relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable. The number of samples in this study were 100 respondents who were selected using the accidental sampling technique, namely selecting samples based on consumers who used the services of The Premiere Hotel Pekanbaru. The data analysis technique used in this research is multiple linear regression analysis. The results showed that promotion had a significant negative on direct and direct purchasing, people and process had a significant positive on direct and indirect purchasing, while place and physical evidence had no effect on direct and indirect purchasing at The Premiere Hotel Pekanbaru.


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