• Gesty Ernestivita Doctoral Student of PDIM, STIESIA, Surabaya Economic Faculty, Universitas Nusantara PGRI, Kediri
  • Djawoto Djawoto STIESIA, Surabaya


During this pandemic, it encourages people's habits in making transactions, either buying or selling. the use of online shopping media or e-commerce has begun to be encouraged to support the social distancing movement launched by the government. shopee is one of the most widely used online shopping sites in Indonesia and has many interesting promotional programs, so researchers use Shopee as the subject of this study. Look at the reasons and barriers people use Shopee to transaction. In this study the researchers want to find out the reasons and barriers faced by buyers when transacting in Shopee. The study has also been conducted to find out wether there is any relation between age and product variations, age and easy payment, job and product variations, job and easy payment. The data obtained by sending a questionnaire to the respondents via Shopee Chat fiture. The data which is complete and can be further processed are 446 respondents. To describe the reasons and barriers faced by consumers, the researcher use stastistical descriptive analysis, and for hypothesis testing is by using chi-square.


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